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Then he starts

Your doctor will explain to you, at what age and with what intervals this inoculation is made.Observing as it grows He repeats all history of human development.There is nothing more fascinatingly, than to observe how the child grows and develops.At first you notice only that it increases in a size.Then he starts comprehending different human knowledge.But actually its development much more difficult process, than seems to you.Each child in the course of the development repeats step by step all history of mankind, its physiological and spiritual development.

In lungs

Tuberculosis Tuberculosis proceeds differently at newborns, at children and adults.Many people imagine tuberculosis in that look as it proceeds at adults.In lungs spot or defect which give such symptoms as fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss, the increased temperature, cough with a phlegm develops.At children tuberculosis usually takes other forms.In the first years of life resilience to this disease is not so great as at more advanced age, and the infection can easily extend on all organism.

I saw that

I saw that to persuade Deyvid was absolutely useless.As it finally resolved for itselfhimself this issue, to force it would mean to grow in his soul harmful, negative attitude to church and spirituality of which then it would be extremely difficult to get rid.I had to cope with this problem but so that not to cause alienation in Deyvid and not to lose opportunity to direct it on a right way until he will not grow up.I asked it:You like to go to Sunday school?Yes, I not against it.Well, I will tell you that we will make.

In the following

Your district doctor who watches your child long ago and knows how his digestive system works, will make to you all necessary recommendations concerning changes in food.In the following chapter are instructed only for those parents it is difficult for them to visit the doctor regularly.Introduction of firm food to a diet of the child There is no certain term when it is necessary to enter firm food into the child's diet.Fifty years ago it was entered only after a year.

From where

These problems cause them emotional and physical pain, and the suicide is represented to them a welltried remedy this pain to stop.From where it is known, what thousands of young people who made a suicide did not want to die at all?And if they did not want to die why died?Mostly young people make suicide attempt between four o'clock in the afternoon and fullwhose at home.In other words, they try to commit suicide where them most likely will find, and do it in such time of day when someone from family members is at home.

To help

I told James, Mat and Ric's stories that you could understand dilemmas which children with frustration of perception face better.To help children with shortcomings which disturb study, to restore health, time, patience and understanding will be required.But the result is worth it.LINDA CHRONICALLY SICK CHILD Defects of perception not the only type of special problems which influence behavior of children.The chronic physical disease can also become the reason of contradictions in feelings and behavior.

If I knew

Already there is both a business, and article.If I knew that it for the person, maybe, and did not begin to declare, to it twenty five, with the grandmother and with the little sister lives the trustee, one works.But all the same, time is guilty let answer!I to you came to ask: why so at us it turned out?After all I fought for the daughter all the time.Spoke to me: it has an arrest of development, and I did not give up, solved all the same I will achieve, will not be worse than others.

The reasons

They regard a situation as irreparable.The reasons of such behavior of people are ambiguous.Plays the role and genetic predisposition: certain types of the personality are more inclined to direct anger inside.Often children unintentionally learn to express the anger thus.If we criticize and we accuse them, they in reply will start criticizing and accusing themselves.They develop a habit to direct anger inside.Especially it concerns to those who gets in percent it will be a question of it below.

At last he raised

That in general it is pleasant to you not very well as your father treats it.Tell that is pleasant to you.Some time Don sat not movably, having stared in a floor.At last he raised eyes full of tears and said: I like to play the piano, but I do not think that at me and it turned out well.At least, the father never spends the time for listening to me.He wants that I played soccer, and I hate it.To me so bothered very much to try to play better only because it is wanted by the father, and then after each game to listen as he sorts my mistakes.


Time, time, time we think of it constantly.But much more important it is simple to spend it at each other.Mike, I has to be at a meeting not earlier than seven.Would you like to play game of table tennis?Well, fathers.Lisa, you need new boots.Whether not to descend to us in shop, and then to eat somewhere pizzas?To spend time with a family means to let know to your children that you love them and that they mean to you much.Also it is very important thing.

Follow them, and your

The person has optimum periods of development considerably extended on time.In the book there are necessary councils for education of the child.Follow them, and your parental love in a combination to common sense in equal proportions will help to bring up the child with healthy mentality.One more unique feature of this book: it can be used as the diary of development of the child.Note in it development green color and a delay red color of skills at each age stage.Keep this management the diary for your children on the future.

The careful

However if carefully to plan life, everything will pay off: for example, if one child is invited to birthday, bring other child to relatives, and you will be able to find enough time for the third.The careful parent for whom the child on one of the first places in a scale of values, uses this precious opportunity fully to concentrate close attention on this child.Our plans have to consider emotional needs of each child, or we will face the same difficulties, as in the farmer's family where there were children.

The cockerel

The cat on hunting will leave, and the cockerel in an izba will tidy up everything, the floor will purely sweep, will swell up on a pole, songs sings and for a cat waits.The fox ran somehow, uslykhat as the rooster of a song sings, she wanted to try cock meat.Here she sat down under a window and started singing: Cockerel, cockerel, Gold comb, Vyglyani in a window I will give you to peas.The cockerel looked out, and she him is tsaptsarap grabbed and incurred.The cockerel was frightened, cried: The fox for a dark, for high mountains bears me!

The chicken

There lived to himself the grandfather yes.woman, Also there was at them a chicken.Ryaba.The chicken demolished a small egg: Small egg not simple, The gold.The grandfather beat, beat beat did not break; The woman beat, beat beat did not break.The mouse ran, the Tail waved the Small egg fell Bach And broke.The grandfather and the woman cry; The chicken cackles: Do not cry, the grandfather, do not cry, the woman, I will demolish to you a small egg another, Not gold simple.

The anger

Perhaps, adults with whom these children live or simply communicate, in due time did not receive sufficient love.Or they, perhaps, are too occupied with the affairs, and children are provided to themselves.Some of them have various material benefits, but it not a state to replace unconditional love.REVOLT AGAINST AUTHORITIES Because many people have deficiency of love, they are angered.The anger is shown in the form of revolt.What generates the installations directed against authorities?

They do not have

Ignore also a question how to make the child happy.Every day I meet sad results of such approach to education.These children behave pretty well while they still small, however, usually they too meek creatures, are slightly gloomy and closed.They do not have enough spontaneity, curiosity and children's surplus of the pleasure which is in full swing all that is characteristic for the child who grew up in the atmosphere of love.Those children who have not enough emotional communication with parents, and become difficult teenagers.

If it does

If he grew up and in good mood already enough, will think and will stretch you in reply the handles.Take at once the child on hands, embrace, praise.If it does not turn out, then further irrespective of, from where you should take the kid, give to him hands, tenderly talking to him.After a while it will obazatelno start lasting to you towards fig..From months the child can pull mother or other adult a sleeve to draw to himself attention.Understanding of the speech.In the course of care of the kid do not forget to talk to it: comment on the actions, call things.

At the child's otnyatiya

If you seek to increase amount of breast milk or to support normal functioning of mammary glands, it is necessary to empty a breast regularly.At the child's otnyatiya from a breast it is also necessary to suck away partially milk that the breast did not bulk up.How to decant milk manually, it is better to ask in maternity hospital; you to it will be taught by also coming nurse at home.It is possible to learn and most, but it will take more time.Anyway be not afflicted if in the beginning at you it turns out nothing.

Watch that

Organizational moment.Logopedist.Today to us some guest gathers for occupation.But who it, you learn a bit later.Before welcoming our guest, it is necessary properly to warm up, make gymnastics.At first we will do exercise Zaborchik to repeat times, then Ringlet to povtokrit times.Watch that teeth were closed, and sponges are rounded.And now the uvula will work.Show how he is able to do exercise Shovel to repeat times.After that blow on a uvula.

There are also

MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURE OF ANGER Though in the Bible we meet numerous examples of anger and anywhere in it it is not said that people will not be angry, many Christians, seemingly, treat the Bible thus.And at them is for this basis.For example, in the th verse of the th psalm it is told: Stop to be angry, and leave rage.There are also other similar fragments.Most of acquaintances to me Christians consider that the anger is sinful.When they test normal anger, there is a following.

Danger. Give

The child

Some children put a foot socks to the opposite sides, as Charlie Chaplin.The child starting going, putting a foot almost in parallel, perhaps, in the future will pigeontoe.Often the child with curve feet pigeontoes.The doctor watches closely development of feet of the child since then when the child starts standing.That is why it is so important to visit regularly the doctor and on the second year of life.At various defects of feet of the child the doctor can register orthopedic footwear.

In this tradition

In other words, it is about the democratic device of a family which base is acceptance the phenomenon described by one of founders of humanistic psychology Karl Rogers.In this tradition of people is accepted by itself and others as a worthiness, in all completeness of the defects and advantages, is accepted entirely such what it is.The atmosphere of acceptance creates optimum conditions for development in the child put by the nature even if these resources very much and are very poor..The first that is evident this striking discrepancy of appearance of my patient and her age.

If food of the child

If the slight diarrhea does not pass in days, consider it as heavier and try to show the child to the doctor surely.If food of the child includes, except milk, and firm food, exclude it absolutely until you do not consult to the doctor or will not pass a diarrhea yet.If at the child appetite or if the diarrhea did not decrease every other day worsened, dilute milk.When he recovers, at first return to undiluted milk, and then over again start to give firm food, but not all at once, and by one look every day in the following order: the dishes including to gelatin; grated apple and orange juice; meat and eggs; white porridges; vegetables; potatoes and other products containing starch; fruit.

Other diseases

Surely call the doctor very important to begin treatment as soon as possible.Modern drugs cure a disease and prevent complications it is necessary to take medicine at least days.Recovery often comes slowly.If cervical glands swell up, temperature does not decrease and the general malaise proceeds, the child has to observe a bed rest under supervision of the doctor.Other diseases of a throat.There is a large number of the various diseases of a throat caused by the different reasons pharyngitises.

The more

Do not forget to embrace thus the child, to smile to him and to assure him that you will live together a lot more years.At this age children often are afraid of animals, even if there were no related unpleasant incidents.Do not force the child to approach closer a dog to show that there is nothing to be afraid of dogs.The more persistently you force it, the more it rests.Will pass some months and he will try to overcome the fear and to approach a dog.It will occur rather if you leave him alone.


Every day mother and the child remain in kindergarten all more long.Meanwhile the child has opportunity to get used, fall in love with the teacher and children.Sometimes the child is quiet the first few days, but suddenly he painfully hurt and mother demands.The teacher can advise mother to stay about the child within several days.But when mother should remain in kindergarten, she has to be held off.Its task to give to the child the chance most to want to remain with children.

To exercise

And what sound helped you in search of treasures today?Child.Rrr.Automation of a sound r in syllables, words and offers PURPOSES To exercise in the correct pronouncing a sound r in syllables, words and offers.To fix ability to define existence and a place of a sound r in words.To exercise in formation of the diminutivehypocoristic forms of nouns.To continue to learn to form nouns, oboznakchayushchy names of professions.To continue to learn to make offers on basic slokva.


As a rule, teenagers who make attempt to commit suicide, mentally sick are not and constitute danger only for themselves.Mostly they are in a condition of acute emotional crisis and during a short period think of suicide.At the same time mentally unhealthy people often commit a suicide.Because of sharp differences of mood and inadequate behavior their life really turns into torture.However, your friends and acquaintances in the majority do not belong to this category.Important information No.


The main thing is to assure the girl that anything serious did not happen to her.Bellyaches About disorders of digestion see sections , about vomiting sections , and Call the doctor!Do not give laxative.Certainly it is necessary to call urgently the doctor if bellyaches last more long than one hour irrespective of, strong they or weak.There is a lot of reasons of bellyaches.Some of them very serious.The doctor is able to distinguish these pains and will appoint the correct treatment.

Better not to do it. What

Perhaps, in James, Mat and Ric you recognize

Parents and teachers can do everything correctly and all the same come to a problem of the difficult child.For the last decades we learned much about different types of insufficiency of development which can seriously damage to children, create chaos in the house and the cool room.Perhaps, in James, Mat and Ric you recognize some of acquaintances to you children.JAMES James was the happy little boy.From the birth and to sevenyear age it had no unusual problems.

In extreme

Really, sometimes it seems that some children are born whiners.If you have such copy at home, you for the sake of rescue of life need to learn to apply ways which we discussed here.Gradually they will ache less, but this process slow and will demand big work.In extreme cases it is possible to think of a timeout or a positive reinforcement.We will consider these methods later.Fit of anger and wild, uncontrollable behavior.Preschool children are especially inclined to use such flashes as the tool for controlling parents.

It complicates, and sometimes

It means that in your relationship there is a serious problem, and I would advise you to ask for the professional help, and as soon as possible.Other case if the teenager for any reason is incapable to express the anger verbally.It complicates, and sometimes and simply does impossible training in positive forms of expression of anger.One of the main objectives in such cases to give the chance to teenagers to express anger verbally, and it is extremely difficult.Now you see, dear parents why we have to rejoice if our teenagers are capable to it, after all then we will be able to help him / her to reach a maturity in management of feeling of anger.

But often

Boiled or baked potatoes are entered into the child's diet in the second half of the first year.When you transfer the child to three meals a day, potatoes will make his lunch more nourishing.But often children choke with potatoes.Therefore in the beginning dilute boiled potatoes with a large amount of milk that semifluid weight turned out, and give it in small amounts until the child gets used.To Solita to taste.If the child after all chokes, forget about potatoes at least for a month, and then try to give it again.

Right or left

If you enclose a rattle in his hand, he will hold it and will wave with it.In the middle of the first year he learns to reach and take the subjects which are at arm's length.Gradually he learns to use more effectively all hands.At the end of the first year it is pleasant to take carefully fingers of a mote, a crumb or small subjects.Right or left hand?On this matter opinions disperse.In the first year of life children equally own both hands, and then gradually become either lefthanders, or righthanded persons.

The reasons

Individual failures happen usually at those schools which do not seek to adapt to needs and level of each pupil in which treat children roughly, demanding from them unconditional obedience and where cool groups are too great for an individual approach.The reasons of bad progress can be put in the child.They can be hidden in its health: poor eyesight or hearing, fatigue or chronic disease.The mental condition of the child can be the cause: nervousness and concern in any occasion, inability to find a common language with the teacher or pupils.

Possibly, it depends

Obviously, warmly maternal hands and a breast lulls him.When it a little grows up, hunger will not allow it to fall asleep and he will suck, will not be sated yet.The child who is on artificial feeding can fall asleep, if in a nipple too small openings.Happens, what even at a large amount of milk at mother it is hardly sucked away.Possibly, it depends on mood of mother.Mothers soon notice that at a sound of crying of the child in the neighboring room from a breast milk starts being emitted.

Active speech

Also he understands that the toy car is too the car similar to that he saw on the street, in the TV and on the picture.Active speech Show to the child some well familiar subjects: small bottle, doll, boot, car, ball, cup.Ask every time as that is called who it, what is it?.By months the kid has to call at least one subject.Most of children correctly call some well familiar subjects.The active lexicon in one and a half years reaches not less than eight nine words, and at many children is several tens.

And then

In the first months of life the instinct of a sosaniye is especially strong.But till months the newborn cannot thrust a finger into a mouth yet and to hold it there.Thus, perhaps, the requirement of a sosaniye collects by then when it, at last, is able to thrust a finger into a mouth.And then it compensates the unsatisfied requirement of a sosaniye.If mother gives to the child a baby's dummy at once after feeding from the very first day, he sucks it so much, how many to it it is necessary and by that satisfies a sosaniye instinct those first months when the instinct is strongest.

Why you did not tell

You know that I do not take out your tears.Why you did not tell me all this earlier?Why did not say, what I am so necessary to our boys?I thought that they have everything that it is necessary for them.They have you and I not always vanish.Yes you never listened to me before.Now, in doctor Campbell's office, I can tell you everything, and you will not dare to shout at me here.Yes, I, at last, can safely state everything that lies at me at heart.Fran told the truth, Craig?

The unconditional

He reflects love, but does not start loving the first.If children are endowed with love, they return it.If to them it is given nothing, they have nothing to return.The unconditional love is reflected certainly, and the caused love and comes back depending on these or those conditions.The love between Tom and his parents is just an example of the caused relations.As Tom grew, he was eager for more close and cordial relations with parents.Unfortunately, his parents felt that they have to push constantly him, forcing to become it is better, and avoided a praise, heat and tenderness unless he really behaved remarkably and they were proud of him.

Such love

The first message to Corinthians, : .These wise words are the cornerstone of all relationship, connected with love.The secret making a love essence reveals simply: it has to be the unconditional love which is not depending on such passing moments in marriage as appearance, age, weight, mistakes and so forth.Such love speaks to itself: I love the wife, is independent of anything.Regardless of the fact that it does as it looks that she speaks.I will always love it.Of course, the unconditional love is an ideal which cannot be reached completely, but the more I aspire to it, the what loves all is more, will approach it to perfection.

The Holy

The Holy Writ urges parents to teach children, specifying by it the correct way.If we instead of teaching the child to express the anger properly, force it to suppress the negative emotions, we thereby direct it on an incorrect way.We should not teach children to suppress anger, and to resolve it in the acceptable way.ANGER SCALE Except passive and aggressive behavior, there is a set of other ways to express anger.The any more the person did not ripen, the more incorrectly he expresses him, and vice versa.

Behind cure

When once again it at all roughly was rejected, tablets seemed to it the most right means to punish the cruel.It accepted only some pieces, suffered slightly, but to noise did at school much, and parents rushed to psychiatrists and psychologists.Behind cure for love?So can seem, but only at first sight.All the matter is that teenagers are inclined to experiences which on a vernacular are called supervaluable.The Okhvachennost such experiences is so strong that absolutely breaks the teenager's life: he does not sleep, does not eat, throws occupations, becomes excited and embittered, becomes isolated and fenced off from life.

We are also

Achievement of this purpose costs work.TYPES OF PERCEPTION OF AUTHORITIES Christians and anger We, Christians, are exposed to the same stresses and we feel the same pain, as not Christians.We too suffer of deprivations and we experience losses.We are also tormented by fears and memoirs which we would like to change.We believe in Jesus Christ and we know that have to differ from nonbelievers.And we hope that really we differ: otherwise we react to events, we have other aspirations.

I recommend

Allow me to clear the matter.It is about expressing the anger only verbally, but not some other behavioural acts.I recommend to express the feelings thus as it will help to develop the best methods of suppression of the irritation over time.How it is possible to help the teenager to cope with the anger, I will tell on the example of the friend, whose son came once home from school with bad marks on mathematics.Gerry, usually live and cheerful, entered the house, threw a bag with books and notebooks on a little table in the hall and with noise protopat on kitchen.

Even more

At advance it is impossible to pass any of them up.This circumstance afflicts parents, persons interested that process ended quickly.Even more they afflict that it is necessary to wait until the child is ready to take the following step.Here the patience and wisdom are required.But I can tell you in advance that results are worth it.We with Pat observed how three our children gradually moved ahead to mature forms of expression of anger.We did not hurry them, allowing to move at speed, individual for each of them.

One improbable

You are right, the pastor.PASTORS IT IS IN DANGER Church service became one of the professions connected with the biggest tension.As we live in antiauthoritative society, Christians also acquire these examples of behavior.One improbable way of their expression is a manner of our communication with the pastor.Pastors pronounced figures of authority, and, therefore, they turn into natural targets for passive and aggressive manifestations of anger.Time does not fix a problem as the more long passive and aggressive people know the pastor, the worse they treat it and worse behave with it.

About what

It will be time when you start getting own understanding of the world which surrounds you.The Holy Writ will appear before you in a new light.About what it is told in it, you will begin to perceive through a prism of the life experience, but not experience of other people.Be careful, because in a sense it too very dangerous phase.One of dangers of this period consists in a tendency to forget that our children did not pass through this or any other stage of spiritual growth at all.

Really understands

Having got used to each other, they start exchanging toys or, on the contrary, to take away them, watching thus reaction of the companion.Pokazyvet a forefinger on that thing which interests it or which it wants see fig.at the previous stage.Understanding of the speech.Really understands value of several words: no, so far, goodbye and others, irrespective of their intonation even if cannot see the gestures or a mimicry accompanying these words.Understands generalizations: at the request of the adult to put toys puts all toys in the capacity a box, a box.

It is reasonable

And this tendency amplifies.The sane person has huge advantages.Fourthly, the clear thinking is necessary to give to teenagers the chance to develop within laws of that society in which they live, and to become socially mature adults.It is reasonable and logical to the person capable to think, in communication with different people, with different types of characters good luck almost always accompanies.And by itself, this ability in many respects will help the teenager to become the decent, positive and strong personality.


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