Perhaps, in James, Mat and Ric you recognize

Perhaps, in James, Mat and Ric you recognize Parents and teachers can do everything correctly and all the same come to a problem of the difficult child.

For the last decades we learned much about different types of insufficiency of development which can seriously damage to children, create chaos in the house and the cool room.

Perhaps, in James, Mat and Ric you recognize some of acquaintances to you children.

JAMES James was the happy little boy.

From the birth and to sevenyear age it had no unusual problems.

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In extreme

In extreme Really, sometimes it seems that some children are born whiners.

If you have such copy at home, you for the sake of rescue of life need to learn to apply ways which we discussed here.

Gradually they will ache less, but this process slow and will demand big work.

In extreme cases it is possible to think of a timeout or a positive reinforcement.

We will consider these methods later.

Fit of anger and wild, uncontrollable behavior.

Preschool children are especially inclined to use such flashes as the tool for controlling parents.

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It complicates, and sometimes

It complicates, and sometimes It means that in your relationship there is a serious problem, and I would advise you to ask for the professional help, and as soon as possible.

Other case if the teenager for any reason is incapable to express the anger verbally.

It complicates, and sometimes and simply does impossible training in positive forms of expression of anger.

One of the main objectives in such cases to give the chance to teenagers to express anger verbally, and it is extremely difficult.

Now you see, dear parents why we have to rejoice if our teenagers are capable to it, after all then we will be able to help him / her to reach a maturity in management of feeling of anger.

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