We are also

We are also Achievement of this purpose costs work.

TYPES OF PERCEPTION OF AUTHORITIES Christians and anger We, Christians, are exposed to the same stresses and we feel the same pain, as not Christians.

We too suffer of deprivations and we experience losses.

We are also tormented by fears and memoirs which we would like to change.

We believe in Jesus Christ and we know that have to differ from nonbelievers.

And we hope that really we differ: otherwise we react to events, we have other aspirations.

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I recommend

I recommend Allow me to clear the matter.

It is about expressing the anger only verbally, but not some other behavioural acts.

I recommend to express the feelings thus as it will help to develop the best methods of suppression of the irritation over time.

How it is possible to help the teenager to cope with the anger, I will tell on the example of the friend, whose son came once home from school with bad marks on mathematics.

Gerry, usually live and cheerful, entered the house, threw a bag with books and notebooks on a little table in the hall and with noise protopat on kitchen.

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Even more

Even more At advance it is impossible to pass any of them up.

This circumstance afflicts parents, persons interested that process ended quickly.

Even more they afflict that it is necessary to wait until the child is ready to take the following step.

Here the patience and wisdom are required.

But I can tell you in advance that results are worth it.

We with Pat observed how three our children gradually moved ahead to mature forms of expression of anger.

We did not hurry them, allowing to move at speed, individual for each of them.

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One improbable

One improbable You are right, the pastor.

PASTORS IT IS IN DANGER Church service became one of the professions connected with the biggest tension.

As we live in antiauthoritative society, Christians also acquire these examples of behavior.

One improbable way of their expression is a manner of our communication with the pastor.

Pastors pronounced figures of authority, and, therefore, they turn into natural targets for passive and aggressive manifestations of anger.

Time does not fix a problem as the more long passive and aggressive people know the pastor, the worse they treat it and worse behave with it.

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About what

About what It will be time when you start getting own understanding of the world which surrounds you.

The Holy Writ will appear before you in a new light.

About what it is told in it, you will begin to perceive through a prism of the life experience, but not experience of other people.

Be careful, because in a sense it too very dangerous phase.

One of dangers of this period consists in a tendency to forget that our children did not pass through this or any other stage of spiritual growth at all.

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