Why you did not tell

Why you did not tell You know that I do not take out your tears.

Why you did not tell me all this earlier?

Why did not say, what I am so necessary to our boys?

I thought that they have everything that it is necessary for them.

They have you and I not always vanish.

Yes you never listened to me before.

Now, in doctor Campbell's office, I can tell you everything, and you will not dare to shout at me here.

Yes, I, at last, can safely state everything that lies at me at heart.

Fran told the truth, Craig?

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The unconditional

The unconditional He reflects love, but does not start loving the first.

If children are endowed with love, they return it.

If to them it is given nothing, they have nothing to return.

The unconditional love is reflected certainly, and the caused love and comes back depending on these or those conditions.

The love between Tom and his parents is just an example of the caused relations.

As Tom grew, he was eager for more close and cordial relations with parents.

Unfortunately, his parents felt that they have to push constantly him, forcing to become it is better, and avoided a praise, heat and tenderness unless he really behaved remarkably and they were proud of him.

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Such love

Such love The first message to Corinthians, : .

These wise words are the cornerstone of all relationship, connected with love.

The secret making a love essence reveals simply: it has to be the unconditional love which is not depending on such passing moments in marriage as appearance, age, weight, mistakes and so forth.

Such love speaks to itself: I love the wife, is independent of anything.

Regardless of the fact that it does as it looks that she speaks.

I will always love it.

Of course, the unconditional love is an ideal which cannot be reached completely, but the more I aspire to it, the what loves all is more, will approach it to perfection.

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The Holy

The Holy The Holy Writ urges parents to teach children, specifying by it the correct way.

If we instead of teaching the child to express the anger properly, force it to suppress the negative emotions, we thereby direct it on an incorrect way.

We should not teach children to suppress anger, and to resolve it in the acceptable way.

ANGER SCALE Except passive and aggressive behavior, there is a set of other ways to express anger.

The any more the person did not ripen, the more incorrectly he expresses him, and vice versa.

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Behind cure

Behind cure When once again it at all roughly was rejected, tablets seemed to it the most right means to punish the cruel.

It accepted only some pieces, suffered slightly, but to noise did at school much, and parents rushed to psychiatrists and psychologists.

Behind cure for love?

So can seem, but only at first sight.

All the matter is that teenagers are inclined to experiences which on a vernacular are called supervaluable.

The Okhvachennost such experiences is so strong that absolutely breaks the teenager's life: he does not sleep, does not eat, throws occupations, becomes excited and embittered, becomes isolated and fenced off from life.

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