Right or left

Right or left If you enclose a rattle in his hand, he will hold it and will wave with it.

In the middle of the first year he learns to reach and take the subjects which are at arm's length.

Gradually he learns to use more effectively all hands.

At the end of the first year it is pleasant to take carefully fingers of a mote, a crumb or small subjects.

Right or left hand?

On this matter opinions disperse.

In the first year of life children equally own both hands, and then gradually become either lefthanders, or righthanded persons.

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The reasons

The reasons Individual failures happen usually at those schools which do not seek to adapt to needs and level of each pupil in which treat children roughly, demanding from them unconditional obedience and where cool groups are too great for an individual approach.

The reasons of bad progress can be put in the child.

They can be hidden in its health: poor eyesight or hearing, fatigue or chronic disease.

The mental condition of the child can be the cause: nervousness and concern in any occasion, inability to find a common language with the teacher or pupils.

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Possibly, it depends

Possibly, it depends Obviously, warmly maternal hands and a breast lulls him.

When it a little grows up, hunger will not allow it to fall asleep and he will suck, will not be sated yet.

The child who is on artificial feeding can fall asleep, if in a nipple too small openings.

Happens, what even at a large amount of milk at mother it is hardly sucked away.

Possibly, it depends on mood of mother.

Mothers soon notice that at a sound of crying of the child in the neighboring room from a breast milk starts being emitted.

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Active speech

Active speech Also he understands that the toy car is too the car similar to that he saw on the street, in the TV and on the picture.

Active speech Show to the child some well familiar subjects: small bottle, doll, boot, car, ball, cup.

Ask every time as that is called who it, what is it?


By months the kid has to call at least one subject.

Most of children correctly call some well familiar subjects.

The active lexicon in one and a half years reaches not less than eight nine words, and at many children is several tens.

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And then

And then In the first months of life the instinct of a sosaniye is especially strong.

But till months the newborn cannot thrust a finger into a mouth yet and to hold it there.

Thus, perhaps, the requirement of a sosaniye collects by then when it, at last, is able to thrust a finger into a mouth.

And then it compensates the unsatisfied requirement of a sosaniye.

If mother gives to the child a baby's dummy at once after feeding from the very first day, he sucks it so much, how many to it it is necessary and by that satisfies a sosaniye instinct those first months when the instinct is strongest.

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