The more

The more Do not forget to embrace thus the child, to smile to him and to assure him that you will live together a lot more years.

At this age children often are afraid of animals, even if there were no related unpleasant incidents.

Do not force the child to approach closer a dog to show that there is nothing to be afraid of dogs.

The more persistently you force it, the more it rests.

Will pass some months and he will try to overcome the fear and to approach a dog.

It will occur rather if you leave him alone.

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Sometimes Every day mother and the child remain in kindergarten all more long.

Meanwhile the child has opportunity to get used, fall in love with the teacher and children.

Sometimes the child is quiet the first few days, but suddenly he painfully hurt and mother demands.

The teacher can advise mother to stay about the child within several days.

But when mother should remain in kindergarten, she has to be held off.

Its task to give to the child the chance most to want to remain with children.

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To exercise

To exercise And what sound helped you in search of treasures today?



Automation of a sound r in syllables, words and offers PURPOSES To exercise in the correct pronouncing a sound r in syllables, words and offers.

To fix ability to define existence and a place of a sound r in words.

To exercise in formation of the diminutivehypocoristic forms of nouns.

To continue to learn to form nouns, oboznakchayushchy names of professions.

To continue to learn to make offers on basic slokva.

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Because As a rule, teenagers who make attempt to commit suicide, mentally sick are not and constitute danger only for themselves.

Mostly they are in a condition of acute emotional crisis and during a short period think of suicide.

At the same time mentally unhealthy people often commit a suicide.

Because of sharp differences of mood and inadequate behavior their life really turns into torture.

However, your friends and acquaintances in the majority do not belong to this category.

Important information No.

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Certainly The main thing is to assure the girl that anything serious did not happen to her.

Bellyaches About disorders of digestion see sections , about vomiting sections , and Call the doctor!

Do not give laxative.

Certainly it is necessary to call urgently the doctor if bellyaches last more long than one hour irrespective of, strong they or weak.

There is a lot of reasons of bellyaches.

Some of them very serious.

The doctor is able to distinguish these pains and will appoint the correct treatment.

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