Danger. Give

Danger. Give In difficult periods of life our children especially strive for independence and manifestation of identity.

It usually is followed by anger as children as it seems to us, seek to overstep the limits of the reasonable.

The behavior they speak to us: Pay to me attention.

I do not like that you do.

My pride is vulnerable.

You stand at me on the road.


Give me that is necessary on justice We will help ourselves and our children if we remember that the aspiration to fuller understanding of absolutely normally and is necessary.

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The child

The child Some children put a foot socks to the opposite sides, as Charlie Chaplin.

The child starting going, putting a foot almost in parallel, perhaps, in the future will pigeontoe.

Often the child with curve feet pigeontoes.

The doctor watches closely development of feet of the child since then when the child starts standing.

That is why it is so important to visit regularly the doctor and on the second year of life.

At various defects of feet of the child the doctor can register orthopedic footwear.

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In this tradition

In this tradition In other words, it is about the democratic device of a family which base is acceptance the phenomenon described by one of founders of humanistic psychology Karl Rogers.

In this tradition of people is accepted by itself and others as a worthiness, in all completeness of the defects and advantages, is accepted entirely such what it is.

The atmosphere of acceptance creates optimum conditions for development in the child put by the nature even if these resources very much and are very poor.


The first that is evident this striking discrepancy of appearance of my patient and her age.

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If food of the child

If food of the child If the slight diarrhea does not pass in days, consider it as heavier and try to show the child to the doctor surely.

If food of the child includes, except milk, and firm food, exclude it absolutely until you do not consult to the doctor or will not pass a diarrhea yet.

If at the child appetite or if the diarrhea did not decrease every other day worsened, dilute milk.

When he recovers, at first return to undiluted milk, and then over again start to give firm food, but not all at once, and by one look every day in the following order: the dishes including to gelatin; grated apple and orange juice; meat and eggs; white porridges; vegetables; potatoes and other products containing starch; fruit.

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Other diseases

Other diseases Surely call the doctor very important to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Modern drugs cure a disease and prevent complications it is necessary to take medicine at least days.

Recovery often comes slowly.

If cervical glands swell up, temperature does not decrease and the general malaise proceeds, the child has to observe a bed rest under supervision of the doctor.

Other diseases of a throat.

There is a large number of the various diseases of a throat caused by the different reasons pharyngitises.

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