They do not have

They do not have Ignore also a question how to make the child happy.

Every day I meet sad results of such approach to education.

These children behave pretty well while they still small, however, usually they too meek creatures, are slightly gloomy and closed.

They do not have enough spontaneity, curiosity and children's surplus of the pleasure which is in full swing all that is characteristic for the child who grew up in the atmosphere of love.

Those children who have not enough emotional communication with parents, and become difficult teenagers.

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If it does

If it does If he grew up and in good mood already enough, will think and will stretch you in reply the handles.

Take at once the child on hands, embrace, praise.

If it does not turn out, then further irrespective of, from where you should take the kid, give to him hands, tenderly talking to him.

After a while it will obazatelno start lasting to you towards fig.


From months the child can pull mother or other adult a sleeve to draw to himself attention.

Understanding of the speech.

In the course of care of the kid do not forget to talk to it: comment on the actions, call things.

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At the child's otnyatiya

At the child's otnyatiya If you seek to increase amount of breast milk or to support normal functioning of mammary glands, it is necessary to empty a breast regularly.

At the child's otnyatiya from a breast it is also necessary to suck away partially milk that the breast did not bulk up.

How to decant milk manually, it is better to ask in maternity hospital; you to it will be taught by also coming nurse at home.

It is possible to learn and most, but it will take more time.

Anyway be not afflicted if in the beginning at you it turns out nothing.

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Watch that

Watch that Organizational moment.


Today to us some guest gathers for occupation.

But who it, you learn a bit later.

Before welcoming our guest, it is necessary properly to warm up, make gymnastics.

At first we will do exercise Zaborchik to repeat times, then Ringlet to povtokrit times.

Watch that teeth were closed, and sponges are rounded.

And now the uvula will work.

Show how he is able to do exercise Shovel to repeat times.

After that blow on a uvula.

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There are also

There are also MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURE OF ANGER Though in the Bible we meet numerous examples of anger and anywhere in it it is not said that people will not be angry, many Christians, seemingly, treat the Bible thus.

And at them is for this basis.

For example, in the th verse of the th psalm it is told: Stop to be angry, and leave rage.

There are also other similar fragments.

Most of acquaintances to me Christians consider that the anger is sinful.

When they test normal anger, there is a following.

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