Follow them, and your

Follow them, and your The person has optimum periods of development considerably extended on time.

In the book there are necessary councils for education of the child.

Follow them, and your parental love in a combination to common sense in equal proportions will help to bring up the child with healthy mentality.

One more unique feature of this book: it can be used as the diary of development of the child.

Note in it development green color and a delay red color of skills at each age stage.

Keep this management the diary for your children on the future.

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The careful

The careful However if carefully to plan life, everything will pay off: for example, if one child is invited to birthday, bring other child to relatives, and you will be able to find enough time for the third.

The careful parent for whom the child on one of the first places in a scale of values, uses this precious opportunity fully to concentrate close attention on this child.

Our plans have to consider emotional needs of each child, or we will face the same difficulties, as in the farmer's family where there were children.

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The cockerel

The cockerel The cat on hunting will leave, and the cockerel in an izba will tidy up everything, the floor will purely sweep, will swell up on a pole, songs sings and for a cat waits.

The fox ran somehow, uslykhat as the rooster of a song sings, she wanted to try cock meat.

Here she sat down under a window and started singing: Cockerel, cockerel, Gold comb, Vyglyani in a window I will give you to peas.

The cockerel looked out, and she him is tsaptsarap grabbed and incurred.

The cockerel was frightened, cried: The fox for a dark, for high mountains bears me!

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The chicken

The chicken There lived to himself the grandfather yes.

woman, Also there was at them a chicken.


The chicken demolished a small egg: Small egg not simple, The gold.

The grandfather beat, beat beat did not break; The woman beat, beat beat did not break.

The mouse ran, the Tail waved the Small egg fell Bach And broke.

The grandfather and the woman cry; The chicken cackles: Do not cry, the grandfather, do not cry, the woman, I will demolish to you a small egg another, Not gold simple.

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The anger

The anger Perhaps, adults with whom these children live or simply communicate, in due time did not receive sufficient love.

Or they, perhaps, are too occupied with the affairs, and children are provided to themselves.

Some of them have various material benefits, but it not a state to replace unconditional love.

REVOLT AGAINST AUTHORITIES Because many people have deficiency of love, they are angered.

The anger is shown in the form of revolt.

What generates the installations directed against authorities?

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