Really understands

Really understands Having got used to each other, they start exchanging toys or, on the contrary, to take away them, watching thus reaction of the companion.

Pokazyvet a forefinger on that thing which interests it or which it wants see fig.

at the previous stage.

Understanding of the speech.

Really understands value of several words: no, so far, goodbye and others, irrespective of their intonation even if cannot see the gestures or a mimicry accompanying these words.

Understands generalizations: at the request of the adult to put toys puts all toys in the capacity a box, a box.

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It is reasonable

It is reasonable And this tendency amplifies.

The sane person has huge advantages.

Fourthly, the clear thinking is necessary to give to teenagers the chance to develop within laws of that society in which they live, and to become socially mature adults.

It is reasonable and logical to the person capable to think, in communication with different people, with different types of characters good luck almost always accompanies.

And by itself, this ability in many respects will help the teenager to become the decent, positive and strong personality.

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