To help

To help I told James, Mat and Ric's stories that you could understand dilemmas which children with frustration of perception face better.

To help children with shortcomings which disturb study, to restore health, time, patience and understanding will be required.

But the result is worth it.

LINDA CHRONICALLY SICK CHILD Defects of perception not the only type of special problems which influence behavior of children.

The chronic physical disease can also become the reason of contradictions in feelings and behavior.

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If I knew

If I knew Already there is both a business, and article.

If I knew that it for the person, maybe, and did not begin to declare, to it twenty five, with the grandmother and with the little sister lives the trustee, one works.

But all the same, time is guilty let answer!

I to you came to ask: why so at us it turned out?

After all I fought for the daughter all the time.

Spoke to me: it has an arrest of development, and I did not give up, solved all the same I will achieve, will not be worse than others.

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The reasons

The reasons They regard a situation as irreparable.

The reasons of such behavior of people are ambiguous.

Plays the role and genetic predisposition: certain types of the personality are more inclined to direct anger inside.

Often children unintentionally learn to express the anger thus.

If we criticize and we accuse them, they in reply will start criticizing and accusing themselves.

They develop a habit to direct anger inside.

Especially it concerns to those who gets in percent it will be a question of it below.

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At last he raised

At last he raised That in general it is pleasant to you not very well as your father treats it.

Tell that is pleasant to you.

Some time Don sat not movably, having stared in a floor.

At last he raised eyes full of tears and said: I like to play the piano, but I do not think that at me and it turned out well.

At least, the father never spends the time for listening to me.

He wants that I played soccer, and I hate it.

To me so bothered very much to try to play better only because it is wanted by the father, and then after each game to listen as he sorts my mistakes.

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Whether Time, time, time we think of it constantly.

But much more important it is simple to spend it at each other.

Mike, I has to be at a meeting not earlier than seven.

Would you like to play game of table tennis?

Well, fathers.

Lisa, you need new boots.

Whether not to descend to us in shop, and then to eat somewhere pizzas?

To spend time with a family means to let know to your children that you love them and that they mean to you much.

Also it is very important thing.

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