Then he starts

Then he starts Your doctor will explain to you, at what age and with what intervals this inoculation is made.

Observing as it grows He repeats all history of human development.

There is nothing more fascinatingly, than to observe how the child grows and develops.

At first you notice only that it increases in a size.

Then he starts comprehending different human knowledge.

But actually its development much more difficult process, than seems to you.

Each child in the course of the development repeats step by step all history of mankind, its physiological and spiritual development.

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In lungs

In lungs Tuberculosis Tuberculosis proceeds differently at newborns, at children and adults.

Many people imagine tuberculosis in that look as it proceeds at adults.

In lungs spot or defect which give such symptoms as fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss, the increased temperature, cough with a phlegm develops.

At children tuberculosis usually takes other forms.

In the first years of life resilience to this disease is not so great as at more advanced age, and the infection can easily extend on all organism.

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I saw that

I saw that I saw that to persuade Deyvid was absolutely useless.

As it finally resolved for itselfhimself this issue, to force it would mean to grow in his soul harmful, negative attitude to church and spirituality of which then it would be extremely difficult to get rid.

I had to cope with this problem but so that not to cause alienation in Deyvid and not to lose opportunity to direct it on a right way until he will not grow up.

I asked it:You like to go to Sunday school?

Yes, I not against it.

Well, I will tell you that we will make.

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In the following

In the following Your district doctor who watches your child long ago and knows how his digestive system works, will make to you all necessary recommendations concerning changes in food.

In the following chapter are instructed only for those parents it is difficult for them to visit the doctor regularly.

Introduction of firm food to a diet of the child There is no certain term when it is necessary to enter firm food into the child's diet.

Fifty years ago it was entered only after a year.

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From where

From where These problems cause them emotional and physical pain, and the suicide is represented to them a welltried remedy this pain to stop.

From where it is known, what thousands of young people who made a suicide did not want to die at all?

And if they did not want to die why died?

Mostly young people make suicide attempt between four o'clock in the afternoon and fullwhose at home.

In other words, they try to commit suicide where them most likely will find, and do it in such time of day when someone from family members is at home.

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